Nov 1, 2015

Emergency Response & Security Advisor

Employer: Center for Victims of Torture
Location: Jordan
Closing date: 30 Nov 2015

The Center for Victims of Torture is hiring an international Emergency Response & Security Advisor to provide risk management guidance and capacity-building support to its center-based programs in Jordan. To accomplish this, the Advisor will provide ongoing assessments of project operations and monitoring of the security conditions; make recommendations to local and global risk management teams; conduct trainings to ensure staff understand and comply with best practices; and advise on the upgrading and implementation of emergency and security policies, protocols, plans and resources.

The position is based in Amman, Jordan with regular travel outside of the city. The position begins immediately and lasts through August 31, 2016, with the possibility of an extension subject to funding and performance.

The Center for Victims of Torture works toward a future in which torture ceases to exist and its victims have hope for a new life. We are an international nonprofit dedicated to healing survivors of torture. We provide direct care for those who have been tortured, train partners around the world who can prevent and treat torture, and advocate for human rights and an end to torture. We are headquartered in Minnesota with offices in Africa and the Middle East.

Security Capacity-Building & Staff Support
Ensure field staff are aware of and understand relevant emergency and security concerns and are fully advised on measures they can take to reduce personal and team vulnerability.
Ensure team understanding of and compliance with CVT emergency and security policies, protocols and plans.
Monitor the security preparedness of staff and work closely with the local risk management team to enforce staff compliance with emergency and security policies.
Provide ongoing guidance to and identify capacity-building opportunities for local risk management team members.
Assist logistics and operations staff in identifying physical upgrades needed to facilities or vehicles, and provide support in developing capacity to procure and use any security or safety resources/equipment.
Oversee the development and implementation of tailored crisis response exercises related to potential risk factors that may affect CVT operations in Jordan.
Draft and implement a capacity-building needs assessment with clear training standards, evaluation criteria, and a follow-up/refresher calendar.
Work closely with Country Director and HQ-based Program Manager to identify and conduct any staff emergency response and security trainings and refresher sessions that may be necessary to accomplish other objectives and tasks identified in this job description.

Monitoring & Communications
Establish, develop and leverage a diverse network of reliable sources to obtain credible and real-time security information from multiple local, national, regional and global resources as it applies or could apply to CVT project sites
Participate in regular security activities and briefings within the (I)NGO, diplomatic, and UN communities
Provide weekly staff security briefings to communicate key updates and provide trend/pattern analysis to inform any changes to movement, operations or conduct,
Compile, analyze and communicate findings based on monitoring and networking activities to ensure information-sharing is efficient, effective, and comprehensive.
Make frequent site visits to conduct assessments and monitor the impact and viability of recommendations made.
Facilitate internal emergency response and security-related roundtables and workshops with staff to gather feedback and respond to concerns or questions.

Risk Management & Incident Response
Conduct ongoing risk analysis, advising on all aspects of risk management for CVT Jordan, including recommendations for mitigation measures.
Ensure roles and responsibilities related to safety and security are clearly identified, communicated to, and understood by members of the local risk management team
In consultation with local and international staff, develop facility and site incident management plans, including contingency plans, evacuation plans, hibernation plans and remote management plans.
Act as the focal point for all emergency response and security-related telecommunications systems, including SMS incident notifications, satellite phone oversight, global phone monitoring, and emergency mobile credit distribution.
Coordinate Special Response Team and serve as information-gathering focal point in the event of an incident.
Ensure internal incident reporting systems are understood, utilized, and responsive to ongoing developments; incorporate lessons learned into staff capacity-building efforts.
Recommend changes in country and regional emergency response and security plans to Country Director and Headquarters-based Program Manager as needed.
Conduct Risk Assessments in potential newly targeted areas in Jordan by the organization

· 10 years of experience working in security and risk management is required; experience in multiple high risk countries in varied capacities strongly preferred.
· 3 years of experience working in a security capacity in more than one region is required. Experience in an emergency response or humanitarian effort strongly preferred. UN and INGO experience in a non-combat capacity preferred.
· Degree with a focus on security management or related field is required; specialized graduate degree strongly preferred.
· Experience in capacity-building and training of trainers required.
· Training in human rights strongly preferred
· Knowledge of telecommunications security and devices preferred, including satellite phones and data encryption.
· Written and spoken fluency in English; proficiency in Arabic and French desirable.
· First aid instructor qualification strongly preferred.
· Familiarity with UNDSS protocols, policies and standards of practice preferred.
· Demonstrated understanding of humanitarian and human rights safety principles.
· Demonstrated experience sensitively balancing security with low-profile operations for organizations whose work relies on building trust with local communities.
· Strong analytical skills and sound judgment, with the ability to meaningfully synthesize diverse and complex information from a wide range of sources, and to develop clear and actionable recommendations based on that information.
· Demonstrated ability to develop viable safety and security systems and frameworks in the context of unclear or rapidly evolving threats.
· Demonstrated flexibility to adapt to changing project requirements, client or staff needs, and political climate.
· Evidence of successfully leading, motivating and building the capacity of teams in multi-cultural settings.
· Political, culture and gender awareness in the context of the Middle East.
· Excellent interpersonal, communication, negotiation, and diplomacy skills.
· Ability to think and plan both strategically and creatively.
· Ability to travel between 3-10 hours per week by vehicle to program locations.

How To Apply:
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