Oct 20, 2015

Security Manager Central Region , Venezuela

Employer: British American Tobacco
Location: Caracas -Venezuela
Security Manager Central Region
Closing: 23 Nov 2015

Job description
Supervise and control security strategies , checking that they comply with the planning and safeguarding sales routes and cigarette wholesalers in the field of their region , in order to minimize the risk of loss of assets of the company and preserve physical integrity of workers
Implement and monitor security strategies in the region in order to safeguard the company's assets as well as the physical integrity of people working on it for this purpose following the guidelines and standards established by BAT and corporate management security.
Carrying out investigations in situations of robbery, theft and misappropriation of company assets , as well as providing direct support to anti - smuggling activities.
Innovate and implement security checks at the premises of the region in order to make management more efficient management.
Implement action plans in conjunction with personnel from the area in order to improve the process performed by vendors regarding deposits made
Establish relations with different state security bodies , to ensure the support of them if you need them
Support management of administrative investigations in those cases where compromised assets of the company, and other situations arising in the region under their responsibility

Essential requirements
Bachelor , Lawyer, Management, Police Science or related
Previous experience of minimum 5 years in similar positions and staff supervision
Living in Valencia ( Indispensable)

English Proficiency Intermediate

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