Oct 14, 2015

Medical Officer , Kazakstan

Employer: CDC
Location: Kazakstan

Key Requirements: 

U.S. Citizenship is required.
Security and Medical clearance are required.

As a Medical Officer you will:
Provide medical advice and consultation on critical problems in the medical/public health field.
Manage significant projects, programs, and staff (to include representational duties with the Embassy).
Provide scientific and/or technical guidance to host governments, health-related organizations, private and public foundations, etc. in the development of public health studies, programs, systems, strategies and/or services.
Evaluate data collection, quality control and/or data utilization methods used to study a medical problem or issue.
Apply new methods, approaches and technology or adaptation of existing methodologies to new and unusual situations.
Promote the development of field epidemiological training programs.

Provide medical leadership for the implementation of integrated public health programs.
Foster compliance with all ethical guidelines for scientific studies and management of programs.

Qualifications Required:
Basic Qualifications: 

Applicants must possess a Doctor of Medicine or Doctor of Osteopathy from a school in the United States or Canada approved by a recognized accredited body in the year of the applicant's graduation. A Doctor of Medicine or equivalent degree from a foreign medical school that provide education and medical knowledge substantially equivalent to accredited schools in the United States may be demonstrated by permanent certification by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) or a fifth pathway certificate for Americans who completed pre medical education in the United States and graduate education in a foreign country. Applicants who received a degree from a foreign medical school, but are licensed to practice medicine in a state, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or a territory of the United States require no other certification with regard to the quality of their education.

Additional Qualifications: In addition to meeting the Basic Qualifications applicants must also meet the following for Medical Officer, GS-602-13/14/15. NOTE: A residency program involves training in a specialized field of medicine in an institution accredited for training in the specialty by a recognized body of the American Medical Association (AMA) or AOA.

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