Oct 8, 2015

Close Protection Security Manager

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Salary: Undisclosed

Job description: 
The Close Protection Security Manager will be responsible for overseeing the company operations across the region and managing new projects, suppliers and subcontractors.

The Roles
The role will have the responsibility of ensuring the highest level of safety and security for all assets.
Enabling business by mitigating risks to people, risk assessments to business operations, employee safety and security, site security, security systems, crisis and incident management, business continuity facilities and business operations.
Leading and developing the Security and Close Protection team.
Setting security policies and procedures and ensuring staff training and understanding.
Ensuring timely response to incidents to minimize business disruption
Conduct security surveys and inspections of buildings and security installations
Threat and Risk Assessments focused on business operations at the local, city and country level
Close protection and protective surveillance
Liaison with support elements, project stakeholders and local community
Respond to security incidents and manage crisis situations
To visit and assess the premises before the arrival of the CEO / Executives
Plan a security set up for every building/event
Constantly communicate with other close protection officers
This role will require you to travel around the Middle East, Europe, Iraq and Afghanistan with the CEO, Group executives and VIP guests.

Candidate profile: 
Ability to directly and indirectly manage teams and projects.
Calm, skilled and driven operator.
You will be working in a team environment where you are expected to display excellent interpersonal skills, leadership qualities and service delivery to the highest level of industry standards.
Possess and be able to maintain the required physical and psychological condition to carry out close protection duties
Be able to adapt to changes in the working environment, duties and priorities
Able to handle fluctuations in the workload
Ability to manage stress and emergency situations
  • Have an exceptional attention to detail
  • planning and organising skills
  • Demonstrate sound judgment in critical situations
  • Have a high degree of responsibility
  • Handle sensitive and confidential information with discretion
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills
  • Be able to use and have experience in using firearms
  • Be able to use and have experience in using self-defence techniques
  • Be able and have experience in using medical equipment and in providing medical first aid
  • Possess a good level of training and experience in driving techniques and armoured vehicles
  • Have undergone training and hold certification in VIP close protection techniques.
  • Should have at least 2 years experience working as a CPO
  • Worked in Iraq or Afghanistan

Preferred Qualifications:
5 years in the Regular Military
Firearms experienced
Certified Close Protection officer

How To Apply:
To Apply for this Vacancy send your CV to  by e-mail:  xxxxx@xxxxxx.com, quoting reference 5069133.