Oct 1, 2015

African Contingency Operations Training and Assistance - Country Manager

Employer: Walsingham Group, Inc.
Location:Fayetteville, NC and OCONUS

Program: The ACOTA Program directly addresses a principle US policy objective in Africa - to increase African capacity to
fight terrorism and to prevent, mitigate, and resolve crises, conflict, and regional instability. The ACOTA program contains two
primary goals:

Enable African Militaries to develop and improve sustainable capacities to deploy and conduct peace support and
humanitarian relief operations in Africa and other areas of the world.
Improve African militaries' interoperability in order to facilitate sub-regional and regional operations.

The Country Manager is responsible for the successful execution of ACOTA Task Order PSO training missions in the
designated ACOTA Partner Nation.
Supervises every aspect of the ACOTA Training program conducted in the Partner Nation.
Ensures compliance and fulfillment of all tasks prescribed in the Task Order Performance Work Statement.
Responsible for the health and welfare of the ACOTA Training Team.
Manages and allocates all resources to ensure successful completion of the ACOTA training mission.
Must have the skills to satisfy multiple customers once in-country - the U.S. Embassy, Office of Defense Cooperation,
senior civilian and military leadership of the Partner Nation, appropriate U.S. Combatant Command representatives, the unit
being trained and the host nation population.
Must also be able to recognize opportunities to grow existing business in country, and seek opportunities to obtain new
Must be a skilled communicator who can interact at the U.S. Ambassador and Partner Nation Minister of Defense levels, as
well as individual soldiers.
Must have an intimate knowledge of administering complex, multi-phased training programs, and be able to develop
successful training strategies that meet the needs of the Partner Nation, fulfill ACOTA strategic goals and provide the highest
quality of training in austere environments with fluid operational tempos.

Experience in Plans, Operations and Training at the Battalion/Task Force, Brigade Combat Team level is required.
Former senior U.S. Army or USMC command experience (O-6/O-5/O-4; E-8, E-9) is highly desired.
Bachelors Degree with minimum of 7 years military operations & training experience required. Masters Degree is
Experience training foreign militaries is required; experience training African militaries is highly desired.
Second language is desired, especially French.
Experience with U.S. State Department, United Nations (UN) Chapter Seven Operations and African Union (AU) is
Experience with Africa peace support operations is desired; to include experience with Africa Contingency Operations
Training and Assistance (ACOTA) Program and its predecessor program the African Crisis Response Initiative (ACRI) and
other similar programs
Experience leading large training and assistance Task Orders (TO).

Security Clearance: Secret