Sep 28, 2015

Resident Program Manager (RPM)

Employer: Alutiiq
Location: OCONUS, Senegal
(Law enforcement, operational and/or training experience)

General Description:

The Resident Program Manager (RPM) will be responsible for the coordination of all ATA activities in-country; providing liaison with RSO, Embassy, partner nation officials; representing ATA interests in-country; monitoring ATA personnel in-country and assuring the successful delivery of training and equipment. The RPM reports to the DS/ATA Program Manager at DS/ATA Headquarters, Dunn Loring, VA. The RPM is under the oversight of the Regional Security Officer (RSO) and works closely with the RSO and other US Government agencies as appropriate. The RPM receives policy directives from ATA and is responsible to ensure the implementation of these directives. The RPM is responsible for coordinating and monitoring the activities of all in-country ATA staff and contractors to include Resident Deputy Program Manager, logistician, and Foreign National administrative support person(s). This position is critical to the successful implementation of the Country Assistance Plan.

Major Duties:
Provide liaison with RSO and other US Embassy personnel to identify ATA mission priorities and coordinate mission requirements.
Brief United States Government (USG) officials on the program, initiatives and status of the in-country ATA program.
Ensure all ATA personnel and program activities comply with requirements of the Chief of Mission.
Provide liaison with partner nation officials to facilitate training and equipment delivery, identify training venues and determine future training requirements.
Monitor program to determine that training is scheduled when needed, is meeting predetermined objectives, is being provided to appropriate host country personnel, (vis-�-vis assignment, rank, responsibility and organizational membership), etc.
Manage all ATA in-country personnel. Monitor, review and evaluate performance, provide advice and guidance, assign work, and resolve day-to-day operating problems. Coordinate instructor team activities during in-country deployment.
Ensure training facilities are adequate to support training and mission requirements and oversee construction, refurbishment, facility operations and maintenance.
Capture lessons learned during training and recommend methods of improving future activities.
Prepare cables, reports, briefs, and other documentation of in-country ATA program activities. Submit situation reports to DS/ATA Program Manager assuring timely and accurate reporting of all program activities, sensitive issues and successes. Immediately report any emergencies to ATA and the RSO. Facilitate ATA in country communications (e-mail, R/R radio, cellular phone, landline and satellite phone).
Under the guidance of the RSO, take the lead in the development of the Mission Strategic Plan as it pertains to the DS/ATA program.
Represent ATA in the identification, development and oversight of all ICASS related services.
Manage Administrative Fund and oversee all other expenditures as required to support mission.
Assist the DS/ATA Program Manager by providing fiscal data, monitoring budgets, drafting justification and suggesting clearance of expenditures to the DS/ATA Program Manager, Country Programs Branch and Division Chiefs.
In cooperation with RSO, establish and brief, to all in country personnel, an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) to include procedures for emergency notification and evacuation of all in country personnel in the event of an emergency. Require security briefing attendance as mandated at Post. Brief all incoming ATA personnel upon arrival on local safety, health, driving and political/cultural conditions. Stay aware of and brief ATA personnel on current threat levels. Maintain personnel data and emergency contact information for deployed personnel.
Arrange for billeting and local transportation of ATA personnel and instructors in-country.
Coordinate the local purchase of equipment, supplies, and materials as required to support training. Advise DS/ATA Program Manager of any pending equipment requirements to conduct training. Coordinate the receipt of all ATA shipments on behalf of the RSO, process through customs, arrange for delivery to training site. Store, safeguard and account for all equipment and materials.

Professional Qualifications/Skills:
Pursuant to a government contract, US citizen and eligible for a Secret Clearance based on a single scope background investigation and able to obtain and maintain SCI access if required.
Associates degree from an accredited college or university.
A combination of seven years of law enforcement, operational and/or training experience.
Previous senior level experience in liaison or management in an overseas environment.
Ability to work within the context of political and operational security organizations at the national and international levels. Possess an understanding of logistical and fiscal support of overseas operations and have the ability to solve real-world problems under short deadlines.
Excellent writing and communication skills. Experience in preparing and presenting oral and written briefings.
Previous international experience that establishes ability to work within foreign cultures is required. Previous experience working in the specific country or region is preferred.
Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite and Microsoft Office Project.
Language proficiency as appropriate for partner nation

HR Chesapeake
Alutiiq Technical Services, LLC
737 Volvo Parkway, Suite 120
Chesapeake VA 23320

How To Apply:
Apply Online, go to: Resident Program Manager (RPM)