Sep 18, 2015

Program Manager (Embassy Compound Guard/Security)

Location: Guatamela

Project Overview:
This project is to secure the Embassy Compound and provide protection for United States personnel located within Guatemala City by ensuring that a structured static Guard Force professionally prevents unauthorized access; protects life; maintains order; deters criminal and terrorist attacks against employees, dependents, and property; and prevents damage to all U.S. assets.

Position Overview:
The Project Manager (PM) shall have experience and qualifications on a range of security-related skills and have a verified record of proven reliability and good conduct. The PM shall have a minimum of ten (10) year' police, similar military or security experience. An individual with a minimum of 5 years' of local guard force management/supervisory experience will also be considered.

Position Qualifications:
A maximum of four (4) years' experience can be waived in lieu of a college degree from an accredited college/university.
The PM must reside in Guatemala City, Guatemala and possess an understanding of the local social, political, and economical structure.
The PM must have an English Speaking/Reading Skill Level S4/R4.
Must be bi-lingual in English and Spanish commanding both languages fluently.
Must be able to use a computer including all common office management software (e.g. Microsoft Office).
Must have military or police background with experience operating internationally.
Must have experience managing security staff or, local guard force management experience.
Must be expert in all areas of physical security and access control.
Must understand operational methods of all guard force units and zones for response, and maintain a professional demeanor under highly stressful circumstances.
Must be experienced in basic communications and radio use procedures.
Be a licensed driver.
Subject to Random Drug Testing and a full medical evaluation prior to deployment to Guatemala.

Additional Requirements:
The PM shall be accessible and responsive to the CO and/or the COR on all matters related to performance of this contract 24 hours per day, seven (7) days per week.
Should the PM require personal or professional travel outside the country, or should he/she become otherwise incapable of fulfilling his/her duties (such as in the case of medical illness or injury), the PM must designate the next senior member of the guard management team to assume PM responsibilities, including 24 hours per day, seven (7) days per week availability. The designation of a replacement is subject to COR approval.

How To Apply: