Sep 24, 2015

Global Security Coordinator

Employer: CAFODTrocaire
Location: London/Maynooth
Closing date October 24, 2015

Job Purpose

Reflecting the corporate responsibility to ensure the security of all CAFOD and Trócaire personnel worldwide, the Global Security Coordinator (GSC) will advise on CAFOD and Trócaire’s security related obligations in Head Office, Regional and Country Offices.

This will involve developing and supporting systems, policies, processes and capacities across both organisations to anticipate and mitigate risk to staff while maintaining effective programmes.

The GSC will work with field and head office staff and managers on security issues, with the aim of enabling staff and managers to maintain high standards of security awareness, planning, practice, and management.

The GSC will also make recommendations to contact points and senior management in both organisations on global security policy, and, as necessary, respond to security threats and individual security situations worldwide.

Job Scope
The role can be based within the Humanitarian Department in CAFOD London, UK or in the International Division of Trócaire, Maynooth, Ireland. Either location will work to ensure a direct link between Trócaire and CAFOD’s International Divisions and to monitor constantly the changing security information flows, country and regional analysis. The GSC will ensure global crisis management systems are robust and owned by each organisation.

The post will work across all levels of each organisation providing advice to senior organisational management and leadership teams (including executive directors and trustees) and staff.

As Global Security Coordinator you will provide advice and coordination on all systems, processes and procedures as outlined below so that they can be used and maintained by Trócaire and CAFOD staff that may not have a specific security background. A key objective of the post is to bring greater synergy and joined up thinking on security between Trócaire and CAFOD.

How To Apply:
A CV and Cover letter should be sent to The cover letter should also state:
What attracts you to work with us?
Why does this job interest you?
Do you have the right to work and live in Ireland and the UK?
What is your notice period?
Your current salary / salary expectation?