Sep 17, 2015

Country Security Manager , Somalia

Employer: Mozayix International 
Location: Somalia

General Summary or Background
Mozayix is seeking qualified applicants for the role of Country Security Manager [Interim] supporting one of our clients with operations in Somalia. Our client is a large international aid and develop provider implementing programs for USAID in Mogadishu. One of the primary aspects of this role is to interface with a local security service provider and ensure that their performance meets the client's global and local policies for staff safety and security. This role is offered on an INTERIM basis initially for 30 days after which our client may opt to extend, replace or terminate the requirement for support. If the role is extended you will be expected to continue serving in-country without a break in service for at least 90 days prior to being relieved.

Description of Role
The Country Security Manager (CSM) will be a natural leader and a motivated team player, capable of astutely guiding the local security supplier by example and experience. The CSM will be able to draw upon a substantial depth of field experience, an extensive professional network and technical expertise in safety and security thus enhancing the capacity of the local security supplier to operate with focus, purpose and in a fully integrated manner within the client’s project activities in Somalia.

The CSM will be a strategic thinker adept at continuous situational analysis ensuring the project's security plan and the services provided by the local security supplier meet necessary criteria to ensure staff safety and security.

As a senior member of the local project team the CSM role calls for a skilled communicator proficient in coordinating internally with client decision makers and team members. The CSM must be capable of cultivating a comprehensive network of external interlocutors essential in the provision of security intelligence and analysis.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities
Provide leadership, vision and management to the local security contractor’s team
Commission and review long term strategic intelligence analysis and reports to provide consolidated and coherent information to client employees and the local security supplier.
Develop and supervise the implementation of client safety and security policy and procedures in Somalia
Actively consider new and innovative ways of seeking continuous improvement in the delivery of safety and security best practices in Somalia
Conduct regular meetings with the Chief of Party and participate actively in the country level strategic planning process
Contribute to the drafting of the security budget and oversee resource allocations and spending.
Assist in the recruitment of subcontractor employees and undertake dispute resolution when necessary
Establish, develop and exploit a network of high level interlocutors inside and outside Somalia from both the international community
Collaborate with client training practitioners to ensure that safety and security training is delivered within a systematic program which promotes interactive and participative learning and the personal development of the client's employees
Provide input and guidance in the curriculum and delivery of training courses; provide input on the safety and security components used in training courses; and recommend new course material where necessary.

Minimum 10 years of military, security, or law enforcement experience with senior level management exposure to the spheres of strategic planning, project and budget management, employee mentoring and leadership
Associate Degree or higher in a related field of study. A High School Diploma, GED or equivalent with a relevant level combination of experience may be accepted in lieu of an associate degree. Preference will be given to candidates with a high level of self-taught professional knowledge and extensive work experience. Experience in Somalia or East Africa is highly valued.
Proven negotiation and advocacy skills in the establishment and use of networks to achieve desired results and positive change
Knowledge of industry-wide safety and security best practices and a willingness to develop an in-depth knowledge of client’ security policies and procedures
Excellent interpersonal skills and an ability to establish and maintain positive working relations in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment respecting local diversities and gender balance
Comprehensive oral and written skills and a proven ability to provide clear and precise instruction / briefings to a variety of internal and external audiences
Fluency in spoken and written English is essential. A working knowledge of Somali or Arabic would be a distinct advantage
Ability to use computer applications such as Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access as a tool for information management and internal / external communication.

Specific Responsibilities
Document and track issues and progress in assisting the local security supplier in their adherence to minimum standards as required by the subcontract.
Developed process for notifying local security supplier of deficiencies and time line for rectification of deficiencies with clearly defined steps for both the supplier and our the client.
Develop and monitor triggers and red lines that would prompt immediate removal of all client staff.
Program Status Reports according to standard format
Daily progress reports on issues highlighted by above trackers.
Daily incident reports.
Weekly security reports and analysis.

You will be working and residing in a compound in Mogadishu.
Base labor is billed 6 days per week
Danger Pay is payable 5 days per week
Accommodation and Per diem for meals are provided
Travel expenses are covered
High Threat Insurance is provided

If you feel that your experience, qualifications and interests align with this role then please apply for this position.

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