Sep 2, 2015


Employer: Engility
Location: Afghanistan

Position Duties:
Train ANSF personnel to Level 4 EOD standard and prepare them for progression onto the ANSF IEDD Course. The 12 week course is designed to progress the student systematically through progressive theory and practical training to level 4 EOD standards. Utilizing comprehensive theory and practical assessments and leading to a well rounded military EOD operator who is ready to progress to IEDD training.

•U. S. Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Qualified
•Involvement with military units with experience in operational and high threat environments.
•Sufficient knowledge of current counter-IED operations in Afghanistan areas of operations to provide relevant and responsive advice and recommendations.
•Detailed knowledge of countering IEDs (defeating the system and focusing on predicting and preventing an IED attack).
•Detailed knowledge of training processes to counter IEDs to include operational/tactical and staff/leadership programs.
•Knowledge of technological means to counter IEDs.
•Knowledge and experience in counter terrorist search techniques.

Preffered Qualifications:
•EOD Qualified E7 or above
•Involvement with ANSF forces on deployed operations.
•Involvement with training Afghans.

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