Sep 8, 2015

Airport Security Management (ASM) Instructor

Employer:Linxx Global Solutions
Location: OCONUS
GATA Airport Security Management (ASM) Instructor
Tracking Code162-845

Job Description
Linxx Global Solutions, a fast growing Government contracting company, with corporate offices located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is currently looking for experienced Lead and Staff Instructors to fill independent contractor training positions in support of the Global Anti-terrorism Assistance (GATA) program. Applicants must have a training background and be willing to travel frequently, both domestically and abroad, for short-term assignments.

Please note that these are not entry-level positions—the applicant must be able to validate previous instructor experience in the form of certifications, official documentation, and verifiable employment experience. Prior to working on this contract, candidates must be granted a U.S. government-issued moderate risk public trust (MRPT) and be vetted by the Anti-terrorism Assistance (ATA) program office. Public trust certifications require an investigation similar to that of a security clearance, and will include a background investigation. Please list on resume any current or former security clearances held.

Course Description
This seven-day course is designed for 24 airport managers and security personnel responsible for airport police and security operations. Airport Security Management provides in-depth exposure to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards and recommended practices for effective civil aviation security programs. Through lecture, discussion, and practical exercises, participants examine aviation security in the areas of access control, passenger and cabin baggage screening, hold baggage screening, air cargo and mail screening, and aircraft security measures. The course concludes with a group practical exercise to assess and identify areas for improvement in the Partner Nation’s international aviation security programs. This course is conducted in the Partner Nation.Required Experience

Mandatory Qualifications:
Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience in the field of airport security. Three (3) years of airport security work experience equals one (1) year of college. A maximum of three (3) years of college may be substituted with work experience.
Demonstrated knowledge of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) program for civil aviation security
Seven (7) years of civil aviation security management experience of which three (3) years are in the international civil aviation security area.
Graduate of a local, state, or federal or international civil aviation academy or institution.
Instructor Certification from a local, state, federal law enforcement or military institution or from a Council for Higher Education Accreditation -recognized and accredited organization.
Must be willing to travel domestically and internationally to perform assigned duties.
Must have a professional appearance.
Familiarity with Microsoft Office products to include but not limited to:
MS Word
MS PowerPoint
MS Excel

Preferred Qualifications:
Certification from an local, state, federal, or international organization in traiing course(s) related to the field of civil aviation security, counter terrorism, or crisis management.
Instructional experience delivering aviation security courses on TSA, ICAO, or other recognized aviation topics.
Ten or more years experience in civil aviation security assessments, inspections, or ICAO program implementation.
Experience developing course materials in the area of aviation security, law enforcement, crisis management, quality assurance, or instructor development.

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