Aug 11, 2015

Weapons Vault Technician , Afghanistan

Employer: Subsidiary Sallyport Global Holdings
Location: Afghanistan

Roles & Responsibilities: 
Shall possess current Air Force M9 and M16 qualifications.
Shall possess a validated DD Form 2760 (Lautenberg Amendment).
Shall have sufficient experience with weapons security and weapons vault management to execute the services required by the contract.
Shall be familiar with weapons management AFMAN 31-229, AFI 31-101, AFI 36-2226, AFMAN 23-122, AFI 23-101, AFMAN 31-229, DoD 5100.76-M policies and procedures.
Shall present a neat, professional appearance commensurate with standards delineated for government civilian employees acting in similar capacities and be easily recognized as Contractor personnel (e.g., badges, uniforms, etc.).
Shall perform other duties as assigned or required by Management.

Qualifications And Education Requirements:
High School Diploma or equivalent.
Minimum five (5) years’ experience.

Valid driver’s license.
Must be U.S. citizen with valid U.S. passport.
Ability to fluently read, write, and speak English.
Secret clearance.
Prior military experience preferred.
Experience working with diverse cultures and various trade skills in an austere, hazardous environment preferred.

How To Apply: