Aug 21, 2015

PSO Specialty Trainer (ACOTA)

Employer: IDS International

IDS International is building a winning team to assist the U.S. Department of State’s African Contingency Operations Training Assistance (ACOTA) Program. The ACOTA Program is meant to provide training, logistics, and construction support to African countries and organization to enhance their capacity. IDS is currently looking
for a PSO Specialty Trainer to support ACOTA. The PSO Specialty Trainer shall provide Peacekeeping Operations (PKO) soldier skills specialty instruction to local-national military units receiving U.S. Government assistance and program training. The PSO Specialty Trainer position requires deployment to Africa.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
•Specialty Trainers shall instruct and supervise skills training abroad for local-national company grade and filed grade officers and their soldiers who shall deploy to PKOs.
• Specialty trainers shall be military subject matter experts in the MOS or functional area fields they are teaching.
• Specialty training will consist of training individuals and organizations in military specialties to include:
Combat engineering
Signal/ Communications
Level II Hospital units
Medical specialists (Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Trauma Nursing Care, Medical Planning and Management, Combat Medic and Emergency Medical Technician, Dentists and Physicians)
Coastal and Riverine unites
Airbase and rear area security units
Logistics specialists including operators and maintainers of new equipment
Mortar units
Armor (tank) units
Mechanized Infantry units
Transport (truck) units
Pre-deployment administration
Equipment (to include vehicles) maintenance management
Equipment supply management
Military Police
• Trainers are required to know and/or review the US Army doctrine, United Nations, and Host Nation guidance applicable to the task they are responsible for
• Trainers must ensure that all training resources are coordinated prior to training.

• Minimum of ten (10) years of U.S. military operations and training experience in a Combat Arms, Combat Service, or Combat Service Support specialty appropriate for the skills being taught.
• Prefer an individual with recent U.S. Military combat and/or PKO experience at the E-6 thru O-6 level.
• Experience operating in areas with limited life support and in hardship conditions is preferred.
• Preferred language requirement of level equivalent to 3-3 for non-English speaking countries.