Aug 24, 2015

Protective Security Analyst , Australia

Employer:Queensland Police Service (Organisation site)
Location: Brisbane Australia
Job ad reference QLD/191260/15
Closing date 31-Aug-2015
Yearly salary $54390 - $69614
Fortnightly salary $2084.80 - $2668.30 

You will provide risk management and protective security advice within QPS, to other Queensland Government departments and to private industry as appropriate

Job details

Assisting with the preparation and provision of advice on risk management and protective security issues across a range of programs or activities undertaken by the Security and Counter-Terrorism Group.
Maintaining awareness and conducting analysis of the current terrorism security environment and emerging trends and assisting with the preparation of briefs for relevant stakeholders.
Conducting research and analysis to assist the development of advice on security risk management and protective security issues (e.g. hostile vehicle mitigation, access control, risk management methodologies); and the application of best practice methodologies for risk management and protective security purposes.
Monitoring, maintaining and distributing classified information on behalf of the Security and Counter-Terrorism Group and Queensland Police Service.
Provide protective security training and advice to internal and external stakeholders.
Providing assistance to Security Operations Unit – Manager, Protective Security Analysis (Security and Counter-Terrorism) in managing Queensland’s State Crisis and Communications Centre (SC3) capability.

Applications to remain current for 12 months.

Further information

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Role Description

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