Aug 2, 2015

Principal Trainer, Security Ops

Employer: Vinnell
Location: Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia
ID : 2015-1439
Prepares, assists and conducts training on fundamental Internal Security and Military Police functions for the Ministry of National Guard (MNG) Modernization Program, with a focus on Separate Security and Military Police units.  Executes duties and responsibilities as a member of a Mobile Training Team (MTT) operating nationwide.

A. Duties/Responsibilities:

  1. Prepares reviews and refines lesson plans, audio/visual presentations and all other training material using MS Office Suite.  Employs an Interpreter/Translator (I/T) in these duties to ensure the linguistic accuracy, technical relevance and cultural sensitivity of materials.
  2. Routinely rehearses training presentations with an I/T, integrating assigned equipment to ensure proper execution of training classes and practical exercises/practical exercise sessions.
  3. Acquires, sets up, and recovers training resources without loss or damage using assigned equipment and coordinates with appropriate team and support personnel in a timely manner.
  4. Instructs MNG Soldiers in a classroom or field environment with an I/T and appropriate training aids.
  5. Prepares, maintains and submits training related reports, evaluations and other information with assigned equipment as prescribed in the correct format.
  6. Assumes the responsibility of a Senior Trainer when necessary through proper preparation resulting in no loss of team operational capability.
  7. Continuously seeks professional development opportunities focused in the areas of adult learning, training techniques, foreign internal defense, cultural expertise and security operations best practices.
B. Independence: Performs duties under close supervision of a Senior Trainer in the ISO TST.

C. Supervisory Responsibilities: Direct supervisory responsibility for one (1) Interpreter/Translator.
A. Education Level: High School diploma required.  Advanced Leaders Course or branch Service equivalent Non Commissioned Officer Education System (NCOES) Course.  An equivalent combination of college level courses, military experience and job-site experience can be substituted.

B. Experience: U.S. Army or U.S. Marine Corp non-commissioned officer (NCO) honorably retired or separated from active duty.  A minimum of four (4) years of active duty training and operational experience in an Infantry battalion/equivalent echelon or below within the last ten (10) years.  Other military and job site experience will be considered.  Six (6) or more months deployed on a training team in the CENTCOM AOR, TRADOC, NTC/JRTC, or Service-specific equivalent experience desired.

C. Specific knowledge, skill and ability requirements: Must be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office Suite.  Must be capable of interacting with U.S. Army and MNG personnel. Must possess
knowledge of current U.S. military tactics and training doctrine.  Small Group Instructor, Drill Sergeant, Urban Operations, Sniper, Armorer or foreign weapons knowledge desired.  Must possess a valid driver’s license.

*Please Note:
In order to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as an expatriate, an individual must be issued a work visa by the Saudi Arabian Government.  The labor law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides that the maximum age for the issuance of a work visa is 60 years of age. In addition, work visas for the Vinnell Arabia Program are titled “Training Consultant.”  The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia visa offices will only issue work visas for Training Consultant to males.

How to Apply