Aug 21, 2015

Police Advisor , Africa

Employer: American Systems
Location: South Sudan

Position Summary:

AMERICAN SYSTEMS is currently seeking candidates for a contingent opening as a UNMISS Law Enforcement Generalist in South Sudan . This position supports International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Department (INL) and the UN Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

The UNMISS Law Enforcement Generalist will report to the Contingent Commander and will provide periodic reports as determined by the Contingent Commander. Based at UNMISS field locations within the Republic of South Sudan, the Law Enforcement Generalist will work under the Direction of the UNMISS Police Commissioner or his/her delegate. The Law Enforcement Generalist will manage and administer the functions expected of him/her in accordance to international and UN standards, and established UN policies and procedures, in order to ensure the success of UNMISS’s mandate.

Duties shall include the following:
•Manage respective units assigned by UN Police Commissioner or his/her designee to the Law Enforcement Generalist’s command.
•Develop and update administrative policy directives, plans, and order of the Police Commissioner, deployment plans, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs); prepare and publish information bulletins on new directives and instructions requiring the attention of all UNMISS Police officers.

•Supervise human resources management process: Assist in the determination of the appropriate assignments and provide recommendations of suitable personnel to key-non-professional positions.
•Oversee and monitor the deployment of individual police officers and allocation of related resources to meet operational requirements.
•Provide strategic planning and concept of strategies responsibilities.
•Facilitate coordination and management between various UNMISS units. Coordinate and oversee the movement of personnel (MOP) within and outside the Mission.
•Ensure the planning of staff rotations, tour of duty extensions, leave and CTO.
•Oversee and monitor existing UNPOL logistics and resources, ensure that resources remain fully mission capable (FMC) and adhere to required maintenance programs.
•Provide accurate reports, analysis, and statistics on significant operational issues of interest to the Mission.
•Maintain the personnel record filing system.
•Maintain permanent liaison with all section of the Mission Support component and international staff section regarding police requirements in terms of deployment, accommodation, offices, CITS, Logistics, supply, constructions, etc.
•Provide guidance and monitoring of policies in support of UN police operations; ensure compliance with UN rules, regulations, and Mission mandate, conformity to the highest standards of professional conduct and personal behavior by the UNPOL, proper utilization of police resources under his/her command at all times including implementing regular inspection regimes and initiating corrective measures to improve efficiency and effectiveness within UN police component and harmony with other mission components in the spirit of an integrated mission and attainment of common goals.
•Conduct and facilitate visits of groups to UNPOL sites to view the state of UN facilities and operations, liaise with local officials to ensure the groups achieve their objectives and meet the requisite counterparts, observe if work is completed to UN standards and in accordance with sound, progressive management principles.
•If necessary carry out internal investigations on allegations of misconduct by individual police officers, or other human rights abuses.
•Advising and mentoring UNPOL personnel on training, administrative, planning, operational, and logistical functions. Collaborating with other UNMISS staff to ensure the success of the mission.
•Provide orientation to new staff and ensure familiarization with policies and procedures related to UN Police operations.
•In coordination with Contingent Commander, liaise with and maintain relationships with relevant INL and Embassy Juba officials. Keep INL informed of local developments and environmental conditions.
•Other duties and responsibilities as determined by the Police Commissioner, Contingent Commander, and COR, in conjunction and agreed upon by UNMISS, INL, and UNPOL.

Job Requirements
Required Education:

•High School or equivalent

Required Experience /Skills /Training:
•U.S. Citizen in possession of an unexpired U.S. state driver’s license that is valid for the full period of performance of contract.
•At least 10 years of experience as a full-time, law enforcement officer in a full-service U.S. law enforcement agency with experience in a supervisory or managerial position involving operations, management, organizational development and/or strategic planning.
•At least one year of international experience in law enforcement operations, training, and/or advising.
•Evidence of progressively responsible leadership experience, and experience in multiple aspects of law enforcement.
•The UN’s maximum age limit is 62, and the UN will also decline candidates who turn 62 during the deployment. The UN prefers candidates no older than 55 years old.
•Mastery of law enforcement principles, methods, and practices to provide subject matter expertise in advising, mentoring, planning, development, and oversight in law enforcement programs.
•Ability to build and maintain key relationships in a culturally diverse environment and negotiate the resolution of conflicting views to enable the implementation of policies and programs.
•Superior negotiation and interpersonal skills.
•Excellent English communication skills (reading, listening, report writing, and oral presentation) and the ability to participate fully and effectively in conversations on a variety of topics in formal and informal settings from both concrete and abstract perspectives. This includes being able to discuss their fields of competence, explain complex matters in detail, and provide concise and coherent narrations. If a verification of English competency is requested by INL, candidates must receive a superior level rating from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL).
•A working knowledge and demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Office products, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
•The officers shall be in excellent physical condition in order to meet all UN medical requirements and be able to drive a standard transmission 4x4 vehicle.

Desired Qualifications:
•Experience in public outreach/education; training/project assessors; strategic/tactical planners.
•Experience in one or more of the following areas: Senior management/senior level command experience, Project development, Executive leadership development, Internal Investigations, Intelligence, Community Policing, Logistics and Resource Management, Police reform and restructuring.

How To Apply: