Aug 26, 2015

Personnel and Mobile Support Senior Member (Mobile & Static Security Operations)

Employer: Dyncorp International
Location: Afghanistan

Position Summary
Sr Personnel and Mobile Support Member - AfghanistanDescription:The Personnel and Mobile Support Senior Member is responsible for mobile and static security operations; and the personal protection of personnel and all other persons and will assist as required in the education and enforcement of security policies, guidelines and procedures.

Principal Accountabilities
(Typical duties include the following, although specific duties vary by assignment or contract.)
•Responsible for the safe operation of all assigned protective transportation of principles to ensure their safety, including mobile, air and static missions.
•Utilize special weapons and tactics to ensure a high level of mission success.
•Conduct protective formation positions daily.
•Conduct advanced security reconnaissance of projected routes.
•Continuous training and development to ensure and maintain a high level of expertise and
•Provide deterrence against the commission of wrongful and unsafe acts, unauthorized and / or illegal activities, including potentially life threatening activities and protection of OPSEC information.
•Efficient in performing various positions within the team while on missions, including performing as a driver, shooter, and deputy convoy commander.
•Assist PTS Supervisor with planning and leading air movement operations.
•Provide security for flight operations involving the air transportation of all personnel travelling to and from their assigned duty stations.
•Ensure all weapons are downloaded and clear prior to boarding aircraft.
•Conduct an audible aircraft safety briefing and ensure passengers comply with safety procedures prior to take-off.
•Conduct and document a pre-flight inspection of all equipment managed by the Flight Security Specialist.
•Conduct a “pat-down” search of passengers as necessary to reduce the risk of a visually undetected threat.
•Use and maintain all assigned communication devices used between program personnel, vehicles, aircraft, host nation and US/ISAF forces.
•Establish a secure area, rally point and patrol base.
•Function as the senior ground authority ensuring the safety and security of all passengers and aircrew until recovery by friendly assets in the event of an emergency/hard landing.
•Navigate using a map and a compass supplemented by electronic global positioning (GPS) receivers from the air and on the ground.
•Demonstrate effective knowledge in calling for and directing MEDEVAC assets, indirect fire and close air support (CAS) in emergency situations as directed by US DoD and International Security Assistance Force (ISAF).
•Perform preventive maintenance on all applicable equipment to ensure it is functional; report deficiencies as needed.
•Perform other qualified duties as assigned.

Knowledge & Skills
•Ability to read, write and communicate effectively in English.
•Good communication skills with persons at all levels.
•Technical and tactical proficiency with the various small arms used in support of operations.
•Ability to operate motor vehicles of various weights and size in a tactical manner, both on and off-road.
•Ability to meet the weapons qualifications requirements of assigned contract.

Experience & Education
•High school degree or equivalent preferred.
•Five (5) years’ or more military and/or law enforcement experience.
•Prior PSD/PST/Flight Security experience preferred.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment

•Living and working conditions at assignment location could be remote and uncomfortable.
•Long hours, exposure to weather and hazardous conditions.
•Personnel should be aware of moving on short notice and under adverse conditions.
•Place of duty and environmental conditions can be extremely austere, harsh and work can be performed under hostile and life-threatening conditions.

•Ability to travel domestically and internationally.

How To Apply: