Aug 10, 2015

Military Operations Specialist , Afghanistan

Location: Afghanistan

We are seeking a qualified Military Operations Specialist to join our world-class team of exceptionally skilled, ethical and committed professionals providing Information Operations, Intelligence and Analytical Services. Since 2004, Leonie has made the customer the top priority while maintaining a culture of industry thought leadership that has translated into unmatched mission accomplishments.


Job Description:
Provide advice and input to refine, coordinate, and facilitate operations plans for the supported command.
Prepare written reports, briefings and assist in the development and implementation and accomplishment of staff functions.
Review and update all orders and plans prior to execution.
Build, maintain, and update the command’s long range calendar and major events calendar.
Build, maintain, and update the tasking database for the command.
Monitor and facilitate completion of taskers assigned to the command from the higher command’s higher headquarters.
Act as a member of the Crisis Action Team (CAT).
Assist in establishing, coordinating and maintaining a Common Operating Picture (COP) to track Coalition and ANSF forces, current operations and enemy activity throughout the Operations Area.
Coordinate and maintain “blue force tracking” systems such as Battle Captain, Command and Control Personal Computer, Fusion Net and the Global Information Grid (GIG) to fully integrate ANSF units into the COP.
Facilitate information sharing and provide an assessment of Coalition and ANSF readiness posture.
Assist in the planning, coordination and facilitation of ANSF participation and involvement in Coalition operations.
Analyze and provide recommendations on issues dealing with system and operational architectures.
Coordinate with user community representatives throughout all phases of development concerning requirements definition, clarification, prioritization, and alternatives.
Applies emerging doctrine and tactics, to system design and development.
Assesses the impact of programmatic and technical options on stated user requirements and doctrine.

Must have eight (8) years of experience in military command, control and communications
Must have extensive background in requirements analysis, advanced warfighting concepts and doctrine, and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP)
Experience in computer systems and their application to tactical programs are required. Bachelor’s degree required
Military experience required
Deployed experience preferred but not necessary

Security Clearance: · Secret

Location: · Various locations throughout Afghanistan

How To Apply:

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