Aug 26, 2015

Gunnery/Tactics Trainer

Employer: Vinnell Arabia
Location:Saudi Arabia

Responsible for providing New Equipment Training (NET) assistance, and evaluation to the unit in planning, and conducting gunnery and tactics training IAW the NET plan. Trains, assists and evaluates units in training, doctrine, gunnery, tactics and operations unique to the LAV-25(S) A2 vehicle.

A. Duties/Responsibilities:
1.Plans, prepares and conducts tactical training in a classroom and field environment.
2.Plans, prepares and conducts LAV-25(S) A2 gunnery training in a classroom and field environment.
3.Evaluates the unit’s ability to perform battle focused tasks.
4.Plans, prepares, and conducts individual, leader, and collective training in a classroom and field environment.
5.Assists in the planning, preparation, and execution of situational and field training exercises.
6.Plans, prepares and conducts tactical and gunnery training with the use of simulators and training devices.
7.Plans, prepares and conducts remedial and sustainment training.
8.Conducts After-Action Reviews as required.
9.Prepares reports and schedules as required.
10.Other duties as directed.

B. Independence: Works under supervision of the Senior Trainer.

C. Supervisory Responsibilities: Supervises one (1) Technical Interpreter/Translator.

A. Educational Level: High School Graduate. Warrior Leaders Course (WLC) graduate; prefer Advanced Leaders Course (ALC). An equivalent combination of college level courses, military and job site experience may be substituted.

B. Experience: Four (4) years of training and operational experience in US mechanized infantry or armored battalions/brigades. Related experience in a Direct Fire Gunnery Program or unit. Former non-commissioned officer with leadership experience in an operational unit.

C. Specific knowledge, skills, ability, and requirements: Must be able to communicate well orally and in writing and understand technical and training manuals. Knowledge of current US Army tactical, training, gunnery, and operations doctrine. Possess a valid driver’s license. Familiar with Microsoft Office Programs.

Note: In order to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as an expatriate, an individual must be issued a work visa by the Saudi Arabian Government. The labor law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides that the maximum age for the issuance of a work visa is 60 years of age. In addition, work visas for the Vinnell Arabia Program are titled “Training Consultant.” The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia visa offices will only issue work visas for Training Consultants to males.

How To Apply: