Aug 15, 2015

GATA CRT Sharpshooter Observer Instructor - CONUS/OCONUS

Location: OCONUS

Job Description
Linxx Global Solutions, a fast growing Government contracting company, with corporate offices located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is currently looking for experienced Lead and Staff Instructors to fill independent contractor training positions in support of the Global Anti-terrorism Assistance (GATA) program. Applicants must have a training background and be willing to travel frequently, both domestically and abroad, for short-term assignments.

Please note that these are not entry-level positions—the applicant must be able to validate previous instructor experience in the form of certifications, official documentation, and verifiable employment experience. Prior to working on this contract, candidates must be granted a U.S. government-issued moderate risk public trust (MRPT) and be vetted by the Anti-terrorism Assistance (ATA) program office. Public trust certifications require an investigation similar to that of a security clearance, and will include a background investigation. Please list on resume any current or former security clearances held.

Description of Duties and Responsibilities:
•Responsible for conducting classroom instruction, presentations and exercises in accordance with the guidelines and directives set forth by the Department of State Diplomatic Security Office of Antiterrorism Assistance (DS/T/ATA).
•Responsible for ensuring only current DS/T/ATA approved training materials (lesson plans, participant handouts, videos, case studies, etc.) are used in the delivery of DS/T/ATA courses.
•Responsible for returning all DS/T/ATA training materials, including course CDs and ensuring that all DS/T/ATA downloaded materials are deleted at the end of the course.
•Liaise with the DS/T/ATA Training Delivery Officer (TDO) on all aspects of training and accept and follow any specific instruction provided by that DS/T/ATA TDO and Lead Facilitator.
•As directed by the lead facilitator, coordinate classroom preparation As directed by the lead facilitator, assist in drafting the End-of-Course Review for submission using ATA-approved reporting format.
•As directed, assist in the administration of pre/post course knowledge surveys and summarizing results using ATA-approved format.
•As directed, assist in the administration of participant skills evaluations (when appropriate) utilizing DS/T/ATA approved format.
•As directed, assist in the administration of course critiques utilizing DS/T/ATA approved format.
•Interact professionally outside of normal training hours with course participants and training venue officials when appropriate and approved by ATA.

Required Experience
Mandatory Qualifications:

•Bachelor’s degree of equivalent work experience in the field. One year subject matter-related experience may be substituted for 1 year of education.

•In situations where the subject matter is considered cutting edge procedures or technologies, evaluations of candidates’ credentials will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

•Specialized training shall include facilitator certification from an accredited academic institution, local, state, Federal law enforcement institution, or military organization, including on-line courses.

•Experienced in advanced tactical training courses and instruction to include training in sharpshooter skillset.

•Possess recent experience as a sharpshooter/observer of a CRT or military sharpshooter unit and have at least 3 years’ experience in instructing and operating as a member of a sharpshooter element.

•Familiar with curriculum design and development.

•Demonstrated operational experience in the subject area.

•Willing to travel domestically and internationally to perform assigned duties.

•Familiarity with Microsoft Office products: Word, PowerPoint, and Excel

Preferred Qualifications:

•Knowledge of and general experience in various facets of training associated with a CRT S/O, which would include areas such as precision shooting, ballistics, communications, fieldcraft, mission planning, observation, command and control, deployment strategies, data collection, and any other advanced specialty field(s) of training associated with an S/O team.

•Proven abilities as a member of an S/O team with documented experience with high-risk tactical operations.

•Familiarity with Microsoft Office applications to include MS Outlook and MS Access.

•Must have a professional appearance.

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