Aug 22, 2015

Force Protection Officer

Employer: Triple Canopy
Location: Kuwait

Job Description
Control personnel and vehicle entry and exit of Entry Control Points This includes, but is not limited to: US Government personnel, contractor personnel, approved visitors, and Coalition Forces
Inspect all deliveries and vehicles up to Force Protection Condition Delta and in accordance with Area Support Group Kuwait Standard Operations Procedures for installation access
Control and operate US Government-installed barrier devices to deny unauthorized vehicle access to US Government interests, e.g., installations, off post parking areas, etc.
Prepared to handle both military and contracted convoys entering and departing designated Entry Control Points
Conduct inspections of personnel and vehicles using systems such as: Ion Scanners, Backscatter XRay machines, Under-Vehicle-Surveillance Systems, and Mobile Vehicle X-Ray Scanning machines

Job Requirements
US Citizen
Must have a valid US Driver's License and US Tourist Passport
Active Secret Clearance
One year of civilian or military security guard or police, or military operational experience within the past three years prior to beginning
duties under this contract
Honorable discharge from the military (if applicable)
Be at least 21 years of age
Pass a physical examination, meet U.S. Army height and weight standards, and pass a physical fitness test
Must have no felony or domestic violence conviction. Record of recent recurring misdemeanors may adversely impact candidate's suitability rating

Employment with Triple Canopy is contingent upon a favorable background check

How To Apply: