Aug 13, 2015

Firearms Trainer , Afghanistan

Employer: G4S
Location: Afghanistan
Job Reference: G4S/RM/1298
Salary: 60,000

Closing Date: August 21, 2015

Role Summary:
The FirearmsTrainer is required to deliver familiarisation training to SLOs including Armed Protection Team (APT) operating procedures and drills, and the provision of Range Conducting Officers (RCO) and Range Safety Officers (RSOs) for SLO live fire static, and live fire ‘cover and movement’ drills.

The Firearms Trainers will be primarily employed in this role but with the ability to perform Mobile Security (Armed Protection) Officer duties when not engaged in training activities.

The successful candidate will be subject to enhanced vetting. They will also be subject to a three month probationary period upon appointment.
The leave rotation is 90 days; this is in recognition of the need to conduct UK-based training from time-to-time and run courses as required by the client.

Role Responsibility:
Personnel and Administration :

Design and conduct a familiarization APT training program for all SLOs firearms training showing exactly what is to be conducted – the training needs to reflect what the SLOs may have to react to.
Design a monthly training program for all live fire static, and fire, cover and movement, shoots for Authorised Firearms Officers (AFOs).
Production of documented risks assessments for each activity undertaken.
Production of Casualty Evacuation Plans as part of the Risk Assessment process.
Provide documentation showing type of shooting to be conducted.
Ensure that the Risk Assessments, Casualty Evacuation Plans and shoot documentation are submitted to the Head of International
Training / Firearms Training Manager UK for approval.
Provide and document range safety briefings to all SLOs before undertaking the shooting activity and ensure that said document is signed by all persons taking part in the training i.e. RCO / RSOs and SLOs
Ensure that records of the SLO are attending and their scores within each discipline are recorded.
On completion of training ensure that the Head of International Training is provided with records of the SLOs attending training, scores achieved in each discipline and the signed safety brief.
Provide written assessments of all SLOs performance during training, to be submitted to the Head of International Training.
Booking of appropriate ranges and training facilities for the training to be carried out

Training Delivery
Provide both theoretical and practical training, exercising potential scenarios that the APT / SLOs may face whilst going about their duties in Afghanistan as identified from the Threat and Risk Assessment and as jointly agreed by the ‘In Country’ Security Manager.
Act as either RCO and RSO for familiarisation training.
Act as either RCO or RSO for live fire static shooting drills.
Act as either RCO or RSO for live fire ‘cover and movement’ drills
Conduct training in accordance with local range safety instructions.
Maintain a good relationship with the clients.
Maintain close liaison with the OSM ensuring there are no conflicts of training doctrine when conducting ‘live fire’ APT training.

Safeguard all issued equipment in accordance with SOPs and ensure that any damages or deficiencies are brought to the attention of the chain of command without delay.
Conduct a daily check of weapons systems and ammunition issued and ensure that all weapons systems are properly secured at all times.
Maintain all personal issue equipment including vehicles, weapons, radios etc in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions and First parade sheets etc.

The Ideal Candidate:
Must have held as a minimum either a Military Range Conducting Officer (RCO) plus a Part IV and V Field Firing qualification or National Police Firearms Instructor (NPFI) qualification and can evidence recent experience of running live ‘Fire, Cover and Movement’ training.
Must hold a current Kabul Military Training Centre, Range Conducting Officer authorisation card and valid SIA licence.
Be able to provide evidence a minimum of 2 years’ practical application of these qualifications in their former organisations and also evidence experience of running ‘live-fire‘ firearms training including both marksmanship and tactical (cover and movement) training during the past 5 years.
Recent experience of delivering firearms training in hostile environments to Law Enforcement or APT personnel particularly in Iraq or Afghanistan.
Competent in assessing risks and completing comprehensive risk assessments for the training activities they undertake.
IT literate particularly MS Word.
Self-motivated individuals with good communication skills who are pro-active in their duties.
Willing to be assessed by client annually on their Firearms Trainer competence and to comply with client training standards and procedures.
The successful candidate will be subject to enhanced vetting.

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