Aug 10, 2015

Emergency Response Team (ERT) Member

Employer: Dyncorp
Location: Afghanistan
Job Summary
The Emergency Response Team (ERT) Member is responsible for maintaining man-camp operational readiness and will immediately respond to breeches of security due to insurgent attack or other incidents requiring a quick response element.

Principal Accountabilities
Support efforts to deliver and maintain an effective emergency response system to support the safe operation of task order.
Deliver emergency response tasks including covering multiple potential incident scenarios of all areas of the operation.
Maintain an effective readiness-level to respond to attacks, incidents and major emergencies.
Technical and tactical proficiency with the various small arms used in support of company operations.
Ability to operate motor vehicles of various weights in a tactical manner both on and off-road.
Perform other qualified duties as assigned.

Knowledge & Skills
Ability to communicate fluently in the English language.
Ability to read and understand intelligence reports.
Demonstrated ability to remain calm and perform effectively during stressful situations.
Ability to accurately and concisely write reports of serious incidents and communicate in writing other documents such as Site Security Analyses and Risk Assessments.
Ability to understand Standard Operating Procedures appropriate for the threat level and force protection level
Possesses communication skills necessary to brief an audience on issues related to security and communicate verbally in a concise and professional manner.
Possess tactical and technical proficiency in the areas of static and mobile security operations.
Experience & Education

Three (3) or more years Military or Law Enforcement, or Public Safety or International Security operating environment experience with a preference toward Combat Arms or SWAT or equivalent specialized training.
Public Safety/Police, Military or International Security operating environment experience preferred.
Two (2) or more years’ experience conducting security operations in a conflict environment.
High School Diploma or equivalent.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment

Place of duty and environmental conditions can be extremely austere, harsh, and work can be performed under hostile and life-threatening conditions.
Candidate must pass pre-deployment medical screening as required by the contract.

Ability to travel domestically and internationally