Aug 19, 2015

EDD/K-9 Handler

Employer: SOC LLC
Location: Iraq

All references made to EDD shall mean the Explosive Detection K9 and Handler.

All K9 Handlers will have completed a minimum of instruction to include 1 or more of the following
•Recognition of IED's and explosives materials - This block will be both generic and specific to their country of assignment.
•Safe explosive handling/ Explosives storage protocols/ Explosives transportation protocols
•Training in protocols to preclude cross contamination of explosive odors used in training and testing
•Testing procedures as required
•Phase 1 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms Odor Recognition Test (NORT)
•Phase 2 North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA) certification test
•Military Working Dog Handlers Course

This position / labor category is staffed in accordance with the requirements described below.
EDD is designated as support (S).
The EDD handler is required to attend the non-PSS training course
The EDD handler is required to maintain weapons qualification, as outlined in this contract, with the Glock and the M4.

Detect explosive materials and devices.
Prevent the unauthorized introduction of explosive devices or matter.
Maintain K9 training records to meet contract requirements.
Perform other functions as directed by the Government.

Must meet all of the below qualifications:

U.S. Citizen
Certified in accordance with North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA), national/State/provincial military or law enforcement agency standards as a working K9 Handler.
NPSS Training Certification

A minimum of:
Two years of service as a Military or Law Enforcement K9 Handler
One (1) additional year of security-related experience.
Experience can be gained in the employ of any national, State/Provincial, Local or commercial entities providing high threat protective services that require skills similar to those outlined in the contract.
Able to recognize K9 diseases, be familiar with hygiene requirements, and know the physical condition of the K-9.
Certification documents shall accompany resumes. The resumes shall be completed using the High Threat Protection (HTP) Operations Center Resume format form.

How To Apply