Aug 10, 2015

Chief Trainer, ISO TST - Saudi Arabia

Employer: Vinnell Arabia
Location: Saudi Arabia

Directly manages the Internal Security Operations (ISO) Training Support Team (TST) responsible for all MNG Military Police, Special Security Unit, and MNG ISO mission training. Plans and coordinates a program of training of fundamental Military Police and Internal Security functions for all MNG units nationwide. Executes MP and ISO training programs through the employment of special skilled mobile training teams (MTT). Conducts planning and coordination with OPM Advisors as well as MNG commanders and principal staff across the spectrum of Internal Security Operations training.

A. Duties/Responsibilities:
1.Plans, schedules, coordinates, and supervises the training of Military Police, Special Security Unit, and ISO security mission rotation units in support of the MNG Modernization Program.
2.Develop appropriate skill training programs for designated units in accordance with (IAW) prescribed MNG Military Police, Special Security Unit, and ISO doctrine.
3.Assist OPM Advisors in the planning, coordinating, and executing of MP and ISO skill training for all MNG MP Brigades and Battalions, Special Security Brigades and Battalions, and all MIB/LIB security training requirements.
4.Directly assist the OPM Security Advisory Branch in their planning and programming efforts in support of the MNG Modernization Program.
5.Directly meet with MTSTNG commanders (General Officer level) and principal staff (G-3/S-3) in coordination with OPM Advisors to establish requirements.
6.Plan for and manage resources necessary for the execution of the ISOTST training program in support of the MNG Modernization Program.
7.Select and supervise all Trainers in the ISO-TST.
8.Supervises, prepares, and reviews appropriate records, reports, plans, and schedules as required.

B. Independence:
Performs his duties under the general supervision of the Manager, TAB. Performs duties and responsibilities within broad guidance and with a significant choice of methods to achieve desired results.

C. Supervisory Responsibilities: Supervises twenty (20) U.S. Trainers & twenty (20) Interpreter/Translators.


A. Education Level: College Graduate. Command & General Staff College graduate or an equivalent combination of college-level courses, military and jobsite experience may be substituted. Masters Degree graduate desired.
B. Experience: Former U.S. Army Military Police Field Grade Officer. Twelve (12) years training, operations, and unit leadership experience in U.S. Army Military Police units at the Company, Battalion, Brigade, or Installation/Garrison levels.
C. Specific knowledge, skill and ability requirements: Must be able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Knowledge of fundamental U.S. Army MP operational and training doctrine. Computer literate in MS Office applications. Must possess a valid driver’s license.

Note: In order to work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as an expatriate, an individual must be issued a work visa by the Saudi Arabian Government. The labor law of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides that the maximum age for the issuance of a work visa is 60 years of age. In addition, work visas for the Vinnell Arabia Program are titled “Training Consultant.” The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia visa offices will only issue work visas for Training Consultants to males.

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