Aug 15, 2015

Armed Guard , Kosovo

Employer: Dyncorp International
Location: Kosovo

Armed Guard 1501132

Job Summary
The Armed Security Guard shall serve as a deterrent and secures personnel and assets by standing guard or conducting roving patrols within secure premises to prevent unauthorized entry theft, violence, or infractions of the rules.

Principal Accountabilities
•Controls access to Task Force Falcon by performing identification checks and registering visitors, vendors, and deliveries entering and exiting a given area of responsibility.
•Performs physical security inspections and operations security checks as part of the regular duty.
•On order, may be required to participate in supervised searches for prohibited items.
•Supports and facilitates the security department local force protection posture and program.
•Serves as an escort officer for personnel and materials movements.
•Provides timely and accurate reports related to security incidents.
•Works flexible shifts in the event of unexpected absences.
•May be assigned other duties as needed

Knowledge & Skills
•Complete understanding of security operations.
•Attention to detail and ability to handle multiple tasks independently.
•Working knowledge of basic force protection principles and procedures.
•Must be familiar with the interview process.
•Excellent written and oral communication skills.
•Ability to obtain and maintain a US Passport.

Experience & Education
•Minimum two (2) years experience in security, law enforcement administration, or operations in the armed forces, civilian police, or commercial security agencies within the past five (5) years. (Verification of experience, such as pay records and/or military records, must be provided).
•Completion of a State recognized civilian security or law enforcement academy, or the completion of an armed forces security or law enforcement training program. (Verification of training, such as a training certificate or DD214 must be provided)
•NACI Background Check required Must have submitted for, and received favorable results from an FBI fingerprint check and a National Agency check with inquires to the Office of Personnel Management in accordance with “Office of Personnel Management” Memorandum dated July 31, 2008 Subject:“ Final Credentialing Standards for Issuing Personal Identity Verification Cards USPD-12”. Favorable results must be verifiable by the COR.

Physical Requirements/Working Environment
•Must possess and maintain the necessary physical dexterity and stamina to ensure accomplishment of assigned missions. This includes walking guard under local types of weather and terrain conditions, pursuit of intruders over rough and hazardous terrain, around structures or over low obstacles, and the initiation of immediate action in emergency situations, such as fire, theft, accidents, sabotage, explosions, natural disaster and acts of terrorism.
•Must meet all physical and medical requirements as dictated by the contract.

May require some travel in the country of employ as needed.

How To Apply: