Jul 28, 2015

SET Team Member/Medic , Iraq

Location: Iraq

Job Summary:
Expatriate Security Escort Team (SET) members report directly to their designated SET Team Leader (TL) or the 2IC in the absence of the TL. Team members contribute both individually and as part of the SET, to the effective and sustainable planning, preparation and execution of SET operations.

Main Functions/Tasks:
Perform the duties of:

o Fully integrated team member and contribute to safe and secure conduct of operations and training.
o Commander of designated team vehicles.
o Personal Protection Officer (PPO), as directed.
o CP (close protection) during team mounted and dismounted operations, both static and mobile.

Contribute to mission planning and preparation, as well as post-mission reorganisation as directed.
Support post-mission reporting by contributing relevant information in team debriefings and responding to management RFIs.
Support TL in all aspects of daily team administration, training and other duties.
Maintain all personal Aegis issued weaponry, equipment and clothing to highest standards.
Contribute to maintenance of team-issued weaponry, equipment and vehicles according to respective SET TL’s discretion.
Maintain high level of Operation Security (OPSEC) standards whilst on duty and on leave.
Maintain high level of physical fitness, commensurate with SET CP duties.
Present a professional and presentable appearance at all times when in uniform.

Specific Skills Needed to Fulfil Role:
The candidate must be an ex-British, Commonwealth, US Military or comparable first world armed forces soldier with a minimum of 6 years service. Additionally they will be:

In the age group 25 – 45 years.
A native English speaker with effective communication skills.
Hold a current trauma medic qualification (minimum of FPOS-I level)
Have attended and passed a formal close protection training course

Hold a current SIA licence (or national equivalent)
Have a minimum of 2 years private security experience in Iraq
Hold a full UK (or equivalent) driving licence.
Be a former Junior or Senior NCO (or equivalent).
Be proficient in small patrol skills, especially operations planning, small arms handling, all aspects of land navigation, combat life saver skills, VHF and HF radio communications, section battle drills and small team leadership.
Demonstrate sound report writing skills.

The ideal candidate will:

Be mentally and physically fit, robust and possess considerable stamina
Understand the importance of hierarchy and chain of command
Be able to follow simple direction without question

They will be intelligent and keen to ‘go the extra mile’ in order to add value to the Project. They will be enthusiast, have a positive outlook and understand the importance of providing a premium security service to the client. They will understand the concept of loyalty to their fellow team members and TL and to the company and will have strength of character to speak out when they see or hear something which they know to be wrong or to the detriment of the company.

The expatriate team member will also be required to perform any other tasks and duties not mentioned above as directed by Aegis management.

How To Apply
Interested candidates should submit their CV to xxxxxxx@xxxxxxx.com