Jul 18, 2015

Security Officer , Turkey

Employer:Relief International (NGO)
Closing date: 31 Jul 2015
Security Officer (SyrianTurkish Nationals ONLY) , fluency in English & Arabic

Position Summary:
The Security Officer’s responsibility is to monitor the security situation in South Eastern Turkey & Syria, conduct risk assessment, authorize field visits, assist in track staff movements, participate in enforcing security and safety procedures, and provide sound and timely advice to RI staff and management on safety and security matters. The Security Officer is committed to implementing and maintaining the highest standards of security and contingency planning in order to ensure the safety of all RI staff and RI’s programming. In addition, to maintain contacts with local and national authorities and international state and non-state actors, compiling risk analysis, incident reports, routine security reports, district profiles and other research documents.

Position Responsibilities and Duties:
Ensure the implementation of safety and security policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs).
Assist Security Manager in reviewing and updating of Relief International’s Security Folder.
Monitor staff field movements and advise on field visits.
First point of contact for field staff on safety and security concerns.
Maintain an accurate record of RI international staff and visitors in Turkey, including those from the Turkey and Regional offices.
Responsible for delivering security briefing as part of the induction process for new staff and visitors.
Draft, maintain and operate an intra-office security communication tree.
Monitor national, social, and political and security issues and inform senior staff of issues that affect, or may affect, RI Programs; assist the Security Manager when working with RI Programs and Senior Management in order to evaluate current and future programming based on current local security situation and adjust where needed.
Assist Security Manager for risk assessment and analysis.
Liaise with other humanitarian and emergency actors on safety and security matters.
Assist Security Manager in preparation of training on security and safety procedures, security awareness, first aid and fire safety for staff.
Assist in the management of security and safety incidents provide timely and accurate incident reports and analysis.
Track safety-related incidents and developments.
Assist Security Manager with the maintenance and execution of hibernation/evacuation plans to include all facilitation and coordination with relevant personnel.
Report to Security Manager and carry out other activities as requested.
The Security Officer will conduct himself/herself both professionally and personally in such a manner as to bring credit to RI and to not jeopardize its humanitarian mission.
Create weekly security report ad situation report as required.
Other duties as assigned.

Knowledge & Experience:
Degree in a relevant field is desired.
3-4 years of experience in direct security management and implementation;
Previous experience working in international non-governmental organization;
Strong organizational skills;
Ability to interact effectively with international and national personnel;
Excellent oral and written English and Arabic;
High computer skills on MS Office programs;
A demonstrated ability to multi-task and process information into action;
Ability to work under pressure and with very short deadlines & strong communications skills.

How to apply:
For interested candidates, please send your resume to xxxxxxx@ri.org