Jul 26, 2015

Security Manager , Afghanistan

Employer:GAIN - Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition
Location: Afghanistan
Apply by 15 August 2015
Overall oversight over security, including leading the process of developing, reviewing and strengthening the GAIN Afghanistan security policies, guidelines, strategies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
Provide necessary inputs in designing/developing programs, activities and budget through using security management lenses.
Closely work with the Country Manager in implementation of security policies, strategies and SOPs at all levels.
Ensures full compliance of all security protocols by all staff, including drivers, consultants and visitors on GAIN premises as well as in GAIN’s assignments at all times, on the security related protocols.
Regularly review and recommend as well as take actions with regards to security measures already in place or needed to be in place in GAIN office and guest house. This includes oversee the first aid boxes, fire extinguishers, hibernation kits, grab bags and so on. Ensure that all the above boxes/kits are full, items are replaced before dates expired.
Analyzes trends in security incidents. Reports incidents pertaining to GAIN or major security incidents in Kabul, GAIN’s program areas and other locations in Afghanistan.
Manages the guards and drivers (rented car drivers when they are on duty). This includes development and implementation and monitoring of weekly roster so that there are two guards and adequate drivers are available at all times on the GAIN premises as well as duties outside.
Ensure that all staff, the support team, visitors and consultants are provided security briefing, copy of security policies/SOPs and keeps records of acknowledgements by all.
Carry out basic necessary security management training for guards and drivers and follow up the implementation of learning obtained from training program. This includes arranging refresher courses as required.
Lead weekly security meeting of all staff at GAIN office. Ensure that all staff actively participates in the meeting and share security information.
Regularly monitor local and international media such as TV news, printed newspapers, radios and online news related to security issues and bring relevant issues to Country Manager’s attention.
Ensure and strengthen liaison/relationship/cooperation with other NGOs, Government Ministries, UN agencies and other stakeholders in relation to security management. This includes representing GAIN at security related forums in Kabul.
Assessment of hotels and restaurants in Kabul and prepare list of acceptable accommodation and restaurants for GAIN staff, visitors and consultants. This includes continue review the situation and update the list.
Ensure vehicle log books, local visitor’s register are maintained, regularly checked and feedback provided to drivers and guards. This includes maintenance of “no gun” policy in GAIN premises.
Ensure that that evacuation and crisis management plans are in place and regularly updated.
Lead in developing contingency plans in special situation such as national election, large international events, significant national days/events, etc.
Ensure communication equipment is well maintained, functional and usable at all times. This includes telephone SIM cards, handsets, satellite phones, etc.
Perform other qualified duties as assigned

10 years of work experience in a security environment with demonstrated progressive growth and responsibilities.
Minimum 2 years direct experience in management of security in a highly insecure context. Work experience in Afghanistan preferred.
Advanced knowledge of security rules and regulations required locally.
2-3 years’ experience in a supervisory role
Working in a similar position for an NGO or an international organization is preferred.
General administration, including managing premises, daily procurement of small items.
Skills with Microsoft Suite, especially word, Excel and power point.

Skills & Attributes
Strong interpersonal, organizational and communications skills.
High flexibility and occasional availability to work outside regular working hours.
Ability to work without close supervision.
Able to implement with the rigor the Standard Operating Procedures and to hold staff accountable for breaches in security.
Able to operate in a high risk environment
Excellent communication, effective leadership and interpersonal skills with professional image and demeanor.

Bachelor’s degree in an associated discipline preferred or equivalent work experience

Other requirements
Fluent in English
Fluent in Dari and Pashtu.
Excellent knowledge of socio-culture and political context of Afghanistan.

How To Apply:

About the Organization
The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) is driven by the vision of a world without malnutrition. GAIN is a Swiss based foundation that mobilizes public-private partnerships and provides financial and technical support to deliver nutritious foods to those people most at risk of malnutrition. The organization is delivering improved nutrition to an estimated 700 million people in more than 35 countries, half of whom are women and children. Nutrition products are as varied as fortified cooking oil and flour in Africa, soy sauce in China and biscuits in India, as well as specialized products for infant and young child nutrition, and interventions to protect the most vulnerable affected by emergencies or chronic illness.