Jul 21, 2015

Overseas Security Manager , Hostile Environment

Recruiter: Minimal Risk
Location: Middle East
Position: Senior Management
Salary: £385 per day
Type: Contract

This is a challenging and very demanding role working for an organisation with a Global presence. You will be reporting to Senior Executives within country and also at their London Headquarters.

The right person should be prepared to work in close conjunction with Senior Management to develop an enduring security strategy for security operations across conflict affected regions, providing strategic and operational level liaison to a range of business managers ‘in country’ contracted security teams in order to confirm and further maintain compliance with security policies and legislation.

Job Description
Additionally the right incumbent should be competent in being able to propose changes to the security guidelines for implementation and develop innovative security strategies for future activities, whilst acting as the Subject Matter Expert (SME).

The OSM is the primary focus for all security matters for the British Embassy and to all personnel employed therein. They will ensure the security and safety of all those for whom the UK government has a Duty of Care (DoC). These include, but not limited to, UK FCO, DFID and other Government departments and locally employed staff and others, such as; Defence Advisors, UK Police Officers attached to EUPOL and CSTC-A, Prison Officers, GCO, British Council inter alia, as well as those under a shared or matched duty of care.
The OSM will also advise the Post Security Officer (PSO) and HMA on security policy and implement FCO security rules in an effective, consistent and diplomatic manner.

Main Responsibilities:

The right candidate will be accountable for a significant presence within the country and the responsibilities below are not exhaustive but outlines some of the responsibilities that could be associated with this position, but can vary from post to post. It is however key that the person is knowledgeable to meet, at least, the following set of requirements:

Provision of security expertise and guidance at a strategic level.

The incumbent will be responsible for all security matters within country and develop a security infrastructure with Head Office.

Liaise regularly with all OGDs, NGOs, other local key organisations and local security teams.

Maintain and provide risk analysis of the threats, on an ongoing basis.

To prepare and maintain updated evacuation plans for all the locations in the region and country of operation.

Hold responsibility for upkeep and development of all intelligence reporting, standing orders, procedures etc.

Analyse security trends by collation of intelligence and advise accordingly.

Delivery of recommendations for security improvement, commensurate with threat.

Brief on contingency plans, the threat and mitigation of risk to a variety of organisations and personnel.

Visit outstations and liaise with “extended” operations by conducting regular visits.

Coordinate a flexible leave management plan for yourself and the “in place” security team.

Skills & Competencies:

Excellent ‘multi-cultural’ interpersonal skills.

Ability to work to tight deadlines and ever changing priorities.

Proven background – Knowledge, experience and expertise to fulfil the role.

Proven background in the security sector and an in-depth knowledge of security solutions to suit.

Designed and implemented security strategies previously to protect client employees, assets and reputation.

Excellent oral and written communication skills.

Strong presentational skills.

The capability to win the trust of clients and colleagues, at all levels; through regular networking and communication.

Strong recent military background working at a strategic level but have a proven ability to remain “diplomatic”.

Be able to manage complex emergencies and fully understand the security context at country level.

As required be assertive and capable of persuading clients and organisations in a diplomatic style.

Must be flexible and adaptable to meet daily changing priorities.

How To Apply:
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