Oct 11, 2013

Heavy SAR Instructor

GovSource, Inc. is seeking a Heavy SAR instructor
to provide a Search and Rescue program of
instruction that will focus training to meet
INSARAG Guidelines and equipment requirements
to make the SAR unit fully capable in Kosovo and
for deployed operations. The training will take
place at Land Forces compound Pomozatin
Kosovo, and at other locations as directed by the
Commander Kosovo SAR. The Subject Matter
Expert should have a background and experience
in Heavy Search and Rescue. Instructor should
have the following background: The instructor
shall possess the equivalent skill-sets of a U.S.
Army specialized combat engineer (such as 911th
and 178th Engineer companies). Must have
Heavy SAR leadership experience and must have
deployed as a SAR team member.

Applicants need to have:
• Previous experience in respective tasks
Specialized Rescue, Confined Space, Rope and
Wilderness Rescue, Task Force Operations such as
disaster logistics, incident command and
command staff training, deployed medical
operations, Structural, Collapse Training, Search
Training, and Swift water Rescue and Boat
Operator training.
• Excellent physical fitness, capable of passing a
fitness test commensurate with their age.
• Copy of prior OER, NCOER or evaluation report
received while performing as a member of a SAR
• NCOs must be Advanced NCO Course graduates
or equivalent.
• Fire Rescue and EMT P certification
• Overseas Deployment and Combat experience
• Expert knowledge of SAR Subjects
• SAR training Experience in region is a plus.
• Current Physical within 12 months
• HIV Testing current within 6 months of
• Copies of Dental and Medical records-to be
carried to country
• All immunizations

This job opportunity is for immediate fill and will
run through Dec 20th 2013.
Compensation is competitive with your choice of
benefits (401K, Medical, Dental, Eye, Disability,

If you are interested please forward an updated
resume to the undersigned.

Email: jobs@govsource.com