Dec 1, 2012

Guard “A” , Lebanon

Employer: UNRWA
Closing date: 09 Dec 2012

UNRWA is the United Nations agency responsible for the protection, care and human development of a population of some 4.6 million Palestine refugees living in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, and the Syrian Arab Republic. The Agency is committed to assisting Palestine refugees in maintaining a decent standard of living, acquiring appropriate knowledge and skills, enjoying the fullest possible extent of human rights, and leading a long and healthy life. UNRWA is by far the largest UN operation in the Middle East with over 29,000 staff. Most of the staff members are refugees themselves, working directly to benefit their communities – as teachers, doctors, nurses or social workers.

Guard “A”

Location Lebanon Field Office Type of Appointment Fixed Term – Three Years Employment roster Deadline for Application 09 December 2012 Vacancy Announcement Number 71/2012 Grade 02 Department/Division Safety & Security Department

MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES In accordance with Agency policy and procedures, the incumbent: (A) Performs the following in accordance with established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): i) Screens all vehicles entering and exiting the premises; ii) Screens all pedestrians entering and exiting the premises; provides information, issues identification cards and directions to visitors; iii) Checks and reports weapons and or armed actors wishing to enter UNRWA premises; iv) Maintains paper and computer log books, completes shift reports, incident reports and records; (B) Conducts foot-patrols for the purpose of identifying potential malfunction of physical security measures and intercepting unauthorized persons attempting to enter the premises; (C) Reports urgent issues to the his/her supervisor and documents all non urgent findings in the shift report; (D) Identifies individuals who remove UNRWA property to ensure that they have property removal permission (i.e. Load Note); (E) Properly responds to medical incidents with First Aid; (F) Assists in facility evacuation drills, fire drills, emergency/incident response drills, mass casualty drills and readiness drills with local first responders; responds to fires in an appropriate manner; reports fire and safety violations/hazards to his/her supervisor, works and cooperates with assigned fire/floor wardens; (G) Correctly uses security equipment such as computers (Basic computer skills), x-ray machines (walk through and baggage), CCTV, communications equipment, etc; (H) Maintains alertness for any potential or actual breaches of security, disturbances or unusual activity and reports these to his/her supervisor; (I) Performs such other duties as may be assigned.

PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL COMPETENCIES (A) Academic and Professional Successful completion of at least elementary education;

(B) Experience At least one year of relevant experience.

(C) Language Working knowledge of English and Arabic

(D) Competencies i) Ability to solve operational issues/problems; ii) Professional and courteous attitude; ability to explain UNRWA security policies and procedures; iii) Ability to work effectively in a stressful environment; iv) Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity including gender balance; v) Basic working knowledge of computer hardware and software programmes; vi) Maintains a high sense of confidentiality.

DESIRABLE QUALIFICATIONS i) Successful completion of preparatory education; ii) Experience in UNRWA guard force;

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (A) The incumbent must be mentally and physically fit; (B) The incumbent must have a clean criminal record; (C) All duties are performed in uniform however at times the incumbent may be required to perform duties in civilian clothes; (D) Duties may require long periods of standing; (E) The incumbent is required to perform night-shift duty; (F) In order to facilitate continuous operations during crises, priority will be given to candidates who live close to the Duty Station.

CONDITIONS OF SERVICE Salary: Monthly basic salary L.L. 1,069,936.- Contract Duration: Fixed term -Three years Holidays: 30 days annual leave Dependency allowance: Dependent spouse: L.L 60,000 per month Dependent child: L.L 33,000 per month Pension: Provident Fund contribution

EQUIVALENCY When the minimum requirements are not fully met, Field Director for Field Area staff and Director of Human Resources for Headquarters Area staff, in consultation with the concerned supervisor may exceptionally substitute part of the unmet requirements with a combination of relevant academic qualifications, additional professional training and progressive relevant work experience. NB: Work experience alone or formal qualifications with no relevant work experience are not considered an acceptable combination.

RECRUITMENT PROCESS The Recruitment process is based on the Agency’s strategy to obtain the best qualified and suitable employees through a competitive recruitment process. After the deadline for receiving applications, all applications will be reviewed by the Human Resources Office and the Hiring Department. Short-listed candidates who fully meet the required criteria shall undergo technical/practical tests and the candidates with the highest passing scores will then be invited to interview (see “Technical and Practical Tests Required” below). The final recommendation for selection is based on the test results, interview assessment, Agency priorities and needs and the candidates’ profiles. For all posts, the weight allocated for the technical/practical tests (listed below) is 60% and for the interview is 40%.

GENERAL INFORMATION UNRWA is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications equally from men and women. It is Agency Policy to give full consideration to qualified disabled candidates whose disability does not impact their ability to perform the duties and responsibilities of the post.

As a member of the United Nations system, UNRWA maintains a close relatives’ policy. In this regard, if a candidate has a close relative (mother, father, brother, sister, son or daughter) who is already employed by the Agency, he/she can only be employed if the Agency is unable to find another suitable candidate.

UNRWA is a United Nations organization whose staff are expected to uphold the highest standards of integrity, neutrality and impartiality. This includes respect for human rights, for diversity, and for non-violent means of dealing with all kinds of conflict. UNRWA staff are expected to uphold these values at all times, both at work and outside. Only persons who fully and unconditionally commit to these values should consider applying for UNRWA jobs. UNRWA is a non-smoking working environment. الأونروا هي منظمة تابعة للأمم المتحدة، وهي منظمة تفترض من موظفيها الالتزام بأعلى معايير الاستقامة والحياد والنزاهة. ويشمل ذلك احترام مبادئ حقوق الإنسان واحترام التنوع وتبني الوسائل غير العنيفة في حل كافة أشكال النزاعات. المتوقع من موظفي الأونروا أن يقوموا بدعم هذه القيم في كافة الأوقات، سواء في أماكن العمل أم خارجه. إن أولئك الأشخاص الذين يتمتعون بالالتزام الكامل وغير المشروط بهذه القيم هم فقط الذين ينبغي أن يتقدموا بطلباتهم للعمل لدى الأونروا. الأنروا هي بيئه عمل لا يسمح فيها بالتدخين.

Where there are two or more equally qualified candidates, selection preference will normally be given to internal candidates, Palestine Refugees and candidates of the under-represented gender. If the post is a project funded post (this will be indicated in the vacancy), an internal candidate with a temporary-indefinite or fixed-term appointment selected for this post will not retain his/her current contractual status and entitlements in accordance with current letter of appointment and applicable Area Staff Rules. The Agency maintains the discretion to fill future vacancies for this position from the roster without re-advertising the vacancy.

TECHNICAL & PRACTICAL TESTS REQUIRED Short-listed candidates will sit for one test: • Written technical test (100%).

The top 30 scoring candidates in the written technical test given that none have scored less than 50%, will be invited to interview.
How to apply:

HOW TO APPLY If you have the skills and experience required above, and want to make an active and lasting contribution to improving the lives of Palestine refugees, then register on by creating a personal profile and completing the UNRWA Personal History Form. Only applications received through this website will be considered. Please note that UNRWA only accepts degrees from accredited educational institutions. Candidates may also be invited to take a technical exam in order further evaluate their qualifications for the post. Due to a high volume of applications received, only short-listed applicants will be contacted –“سيتم الإتصال فقط بالأشخاص الذين تنطبق عليهم متطلبات الوظيفة”. The United Nations does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process. The United Nations does not concern itself with information on bank accounts. For any queries, please send an email to

Date of issue: 27 November 2012