Aug 26, 2012

PGSS Operator - Kabul, Afghanistan

EmployerSTS International, Inc.

Job Description PGSS Operators – Afghanistan

STS International, an innovative systems engineering and integration firm, is seeking experienced operators with recent deployment experience in Iraq and/or Afghanistan to operate the Persistent Ground Surveillance Systems (PGSS) at locations throughout Afghanistan. PGSS relies on ruggedized, tethered aerostats for long duration flight and low operating costs while also using proven, lightweight, advanced sensors for effective surveillance.

All Operators will be required to complete a minimum of ten (10) weeks of PGSS training at the Government training facility in Yuma, Arizona. (Candidates who can provide documentation of prior PGSS certification may be exempt from this training.) Following successful completion of the Operator certification course, the Operator will deploy to Afghanistan for approximately 1 year.

Active DoD Secret level clearance is required.

Primary Roles and Responsibilities:
Responsible for the effective utilization of the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) aerostat.
An Operator can play one or all four of the following roles in a given tour:
Serve as the Flight Engineer to manage the health of the payload and provides overall coordination and direction of the sensor(s), while communicating directly with the military customer.
Serve as the Payload Operator to control the payload.
Serve as the Handler to assist and take direction from the Launch and Recovery Director (LRD) during the launch and recovery phase of operations.
Serve as the LRD to fly the aerostat during launch and recovery.
Responsible for the safety of flight of the aerostat and flight crew during this phase of operation.
Conduct pre and post flight system inspections and the resulting documentation.
Demonstrate the ability to work within a cohesive team environment is critical.
Maintains safe, secure, and healthy work environment by following standards and procedures.
Documents actions by completing forms, reports, logs, and records.

Required Skills:
High School Diploma or equivalent
Experience with Microsoft Office suite essentials (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
A prior tour (6 months or more) demonstrating the ability to function/live in an austere/remote and potentially hostile environment
This type of environment is defined as:a location (not restricted to Afghanistan) with limited communications and poor living conditions (such as berthing in tents, no shower facilities, latrines ranging from port-o-johns to buckets or holes in the ground, and MREs for meals)
One (1) or more years experience with electrical and electronics systems, mechanical systems, or computer networking
Experience in UAVs, Aerostats, FLIRs, RAID, UTAMS, or PTDS (a PLUS)

Qualified Operators should have at least one of the following qualifications:
One (1) year of sensor experience, or
One (1) year of experience with Aerostats, UAVs, or as a Pilot, or
One (1) year of experience in trouble shooting advanced electronics or computer networks, or
One (1) or more years of Intelligence Analyst experience
Two (2) or Four (4) year degree from an accredited university or technical college

Physical Requirements:
In order to be eligible to enter and remain in the program, PGSS Operators must have and maintain a Body Mass Index of less than thirty (35).
PGSS personnel must be capable of routinely lifting and carrying equipment up to 50 lbs.
Personnel that do not meet these requirements shall not be admitted to the program – and if not maintained, will be released from the program.

Additional Candidate Requirements:
Candidates must be willing to work in Afghanistan and live in austere conditions for up to one year with a possibility of extension. Danger, stress, physical hardships and possible field living conditions associated with this position.
Willing to work a 12-hour shift, 7 days a week for extended periods
Ability to pass a health and welfare screening and meet requirements.
Poses a current United States passport.


STS is a veteran owned small business that is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

How to Apply
If you wish to be considered for this position with STS, please forward your resume and Salary Requirements to: with “PGSS Operator” in the subject line of your email.